Templates (+)

Templates allow for the definition of complex merge codes that can then be reused many times over, on one or multiple documents and/or forms. The best way of explaining this option is to do one:

The code to do a foreign language date is via the following merge code:

[\System\Today@MonthName@ToSpanish] [\System\Today@Day], [\System\Today@Year]

Note the repetition of \System\Today. You can setup a template, let's call it DateInSpanish that has the following definition:

[{1}@MonthName@ToSpanish] [{1}@Day], [{1}@Year]

Note that what we did is replace the \System\Today sitring with {1}.

Now we can use the template by using:


Which means, using template DateInSpanish, replace {1} in the template by \System\Today.

Now lets say that we needed to display the DOI field in spanish, we can use our template as follows [+DateInSpanish+\DOI] and the date of injury will be shown in spanish.


Multiple replacement values

The {1} in our example means the first parameter passed to the template. Ypu can have any number of parameters, simply use {2}, {3} and so on in the template.



Display a field and preceed it with a comma if the field is not empty.

Name: Comma

Value: [${1}=$$, $][{1}]

Use: [\Injuries#1\eAMS#1][+Comma+\Injuries#2\eAMS#1][+Comma+\Injuries#3\eAMS#1]

Display a salutation.

Name: Salut

Value: [{1}\Salutation#1] [{1}\Name#1@LastName]

Use: [+Salut+\Plaintiff#1\Name#1]