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This page contains news and other information in a blog type layout. We will use this space to communicate to you the going on's inside eCandidus.


Back to the future

eCandidus™ begun with the idea of linking companies together by providing a file-level bridge between different systems. The idea is that no matter how you and your business partners can provide and obtain data, via FTP, e-mail, direct link, we can step in the middle and provide translation support between all. With the introduction of DMNSion Exchange , we are making the idea into a reality.


A more personal connection ... Blogging

We have moved to a simpler way of getting information out to you. eCandidus clients tend to be more technical savvy than most, so the idea of a blog is not a new one. Unfortunately, we never had the time to really make it work. Until now. As the marketing efforts have moved off our plate, we decided to create a blog to introduce some items in the eCandidus family of products that are easy to overlook. So join us at eCandidusNow.


Microsoft 2008 support, along with a server upgrade

It was not that long ago that we left the Windows Server 2000 world, and now we have moved to the newest member of the group. eCandidus™ now runs in dual quad-core servers using Microsoft Server 2008 R2. This along with the release of installers for all of our products for both 32 and 64 bit versions of all of Microsoft operating systems, complete a year-long migration.


One step towards eFiling, EAMS packets

As the first step towards eFiling, you can now create EAMS packets. A single menu selection generates the forms needed, filling them with case information and allowing you to include medical reports. By the way, the packets can be OCR filed!

Form packets is another item in our long list of EAMS support features.

We have released packets, but that does not mean that work has stopped. Check our By Version page and watch it change almost daily. we give THANKS to our key users for their time and effort. They are the reason that eCandidus™ is easy for the users, they make it easy.


Sales Effort to Expand

The time has come to expand just a bit! We have been approached by various companies with ideas on how to expand the use of eCandidus™ in various markets. We are developing varous new vertical market applications, based not only of the eCandidus™ Desktop, but in the DMNSion series as well.


EAMS Electronic Filing development has begun

DIR is in the process of developing a method to accept key Worker Compensation forms electronically. We are working alongside to fully support this initiative and welcome your input. Drop us an e-mail for more information.


We have changed servers!

We have upgraded our servers to Microsoft Windows Server 2003. This with increased bandwidth will help support the growing eCandidus community.


We are in the process of changing servers. These changes are scheduled to be completed by July 31. If you notice any misbehavior, like the inability of getting items from the Shared Desk, simply re-register your site (Tools/Settings/System - Click on the OK button).

After these changes are completed, we expect to be able to handle a much larger user base, as well as the expansion of eCandidus into the inter-organization communications.