Office Management

While it is easy to say Office Management, it is a statement that encompasses a multitude of features.

Up to now, most computer systems have been geared to store a particular type of information, for instance in the legal field you may store case information and in the medical field you store patient information.

eCandidus™ Desktop goes much further than that in the following dimensions:

Complete office support - eCandidus™ Desktop stores those things that we all use to run our offices, phone call slips, ticklers and follow-ups, appointments, memos and incoming mail. Along with these, you have access to your complete client information, all in simple to use screens. Added to that is full word processing, with full merge capabilities and pre-printed form support.

Cross referencing of information - Not only can you search by any name of a person of company associated to the case or patient, you can also see all the daily action items related to each case or patient file.

Built-In Time Billing - Each person in your office can bill for their time, as well as other associates as they work on each client file. Each entry is verified for client or office level rules, and allow you to generate invoices on demand, by a single mouse click.

Creating the paperless office - Using our attachment and cross referencing abilities, you can scan, store and quickly search any and all printed material associated with each case and patient, and that extends down to each page, so you can quickly find which page references back injuries, and then making annotations for later use. And give access to documents and images to your own clients using your very own Web Portal.

Automate your office - Using the User Defined Workflow system, you can easily automate any repetitive or complex task, allowing the eCandidus™ Desktop to help your staff do their work in the way that you want to run your office. Full Business Process Management (BPM) is part of the eCandidus™ Desktop.

Remote access - You can access the eCandidus™ Server from anywhere where Internet access is available. No longer do you have to be in the office to have access to the latest information, and...

Your office anywhere - eCandidus™ Desktop creates and uses single file databases, eCandidus™ Database, from data stored in the eCandidus™ Server. This means that you can extract a case or cases from your eCandidus™ Desktop for Law, and work on the case anywhere, and then update the eCandidus™ Server when you are back in the office.

eCandidus™ Desktop can also create eCandidus™ Portable Documents, which allow you to search, view and markup pages from the eCandidus™ Desktop Document Manager. With the use of the freely available eCandidus™ Portable Document Viewer, you can share documents with others without the need to install the eCandidus™ Desktop. Again eCandidus™ Portable Document changes can be uploaded to the eCandidus™ Desktop Document Manager to keep the entire office in synch.

Other products tell you that some of these features are available, but none put you in control from A to Z.