PDF Support

The a provides various ways to create and use PDF files.  

Creation of PDF files

You can easily generate a PDF file in  Documents, Forms and Document Manager.  Simply click on the PDF button in the command area for each screen. 


PDF Queues - Joining Multiple PDF files

In all of the above mentioned areas, you can also create PDF files that contain multiple items.  For instance you can create a cover letter, and append to it the result of a merged form.  This is done by the use of PDF Queues .

Using the tool, you can:

Icon Option Meaning
Add Adds a PDF file to a queue.
E-Mail E-Mails a queue.
Publish Publish queue to a Subscription.
Export to device Converts the queue to an eBook.
Export to Scribd Sends the queue to your Scribd account.
View View the queue.
Copy Copies a queue.
Delete Deletes a queue.


Adding to a PDF Queue

You cann add to a PDF Queue from anywhere where you can create a PDF File. This includes when you merge a document or form, and when you create a standalone document.


Using PDF Files

You can use a PDF file as you would any image.  You can easily import PDF files as Forms by clicking on the Open button and selecting PDF as the file type: