Smart Device Interface

The Smart Device Interface allows you to gain access to your office using a phone. It is designed to be very simple to use and allows for quick retrieval of information.


Accessing the eCandidus™ SmartDevice Interface

The eCandidus™ SD is accessed as you would any other web page. In your phone browser enter:



Bookmark it!

Once the first page of the SD Interface is displayed, you can bookmark the page and then access it via the bookmark.



The first screen presented allows you to login into your eCandidus™ Server. Use your normal eCandidus™ login name and password and press the Login button to gain access.


Basic Navigation

All the pages in the SD Interface follow a basic pattern, where the top bar displays:

  • In the center - The page name that you are vieweing
  • Left and Right - Icons that represent functions that are available


Icons and Highlights

We have used the same icons are used in the eCandidus™ Desktop and Webtop to make navigation a bit easier. And to make sure that you got a quick confirmation in what you were selecting, the area turns blue making it stand out.


Ending a session

The system keeps track of activity from your phone, and if fifteen minutes pass without any activity, the system will automatically end the session.


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