What's the SD Interface?  The eCandidus™ SD Interface is specialized Web Server that is designed to provide pages to devices with a small display. This includes phones and PDA's.
What can I do with it?  You can view the data stored in your eCandidus™ Server without needing to take along any laptop or netbook.
Which phone can I use?  You need a phone that has browsing capabilities. When we first released our product, there were a few SmartPhones and tablets. Today most phones are.

If you are in the process of purchasing a new phone, and would like to see how it behaves, go ahead and use our deemo area at http://eCandidus.com/eCandidusSD. Login as KB with password aa.

If you do have a device, either phone or tablet, and find any problem, please let us know as SD support is of very high priority.
Is touch capability required?  No. We love the touch capability, however you should be be able to use the eCandidus™ SD Interface with any phone as long as it can browse on the Internet.
Don't I already have remote access with the eCandidus™ Desktop?  Yes. We have provided remote access over the Internet from the beginning and will continue to do so. The difference between the different types of access are:
  • Advantages of Remote Access - You get all of the functionality of the eCandidus™ Desktop.
  • Advantages of the Webtop - No need to install any software at the station means that you can use any computer at your disposal. The Webtop can work using lower speed connections.
  • Advantages of the SD Interface - You can view your data with the device already in your pocket!
What do I need to get going with the SD Interface?  Make sure that the server is accessible from outside your office.
Can the SD Interface be the same server as eCandidus™ server?  Yes.
Can the SD Interface be located elsewhere?  Yes, however it must have access to the eCandidus™ Server to access your data.
Do I need a "static IP address"?  No. There are services that provide dynamic DNS. We recommend DynDNS and especially like their office-on-the.net offering.
Is it me, or are those icons fuzzy?  It's not you, its a decision we made. The SmartDevice Interface tries to minimize memory and bandwidth requirements. So we re-use the same icons in various locations and use the smallest possible image, allowing the device to expand it to fit its own requirements, which makes them fuzzy in their larger incarnations.