Installing the eCandidus™ SD Interface

The eCandidus™ SD Interface is installed in a Microsoft Server that has IIS configured. If you want to be able to use the SD Interface from outside, the seerver must be accesible from the outside. This server can the same computer that the eCandidus™ Server is installed in.

Installation is done as you would any other eCandidus install package. Full instructions can be found in Updating Step by Step.



The eCandidus™ SD Interface has the following configuration options:

ServerIPThe IP address where the eCandidus™ Server is located. Defaults to


Changing the options

You can change the options using the IIS Manager found as part of the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel. Once you have launched the IIS Manager:

Select the Properties option when you right click on the eCandidusSD entry.

Next select the ASP.NET tab.

And click on the Edit Configuration button.

Click on the option that you want to change in the bottom grid and click on the Edit button to edit it.



The ServerIP is the IP address where the eCandidus™ Server is located. The default value of tells the system that the server in the same computer as the SD Interface. There are occasions when the server has been "locked down" and the address does not work. In those occassions you will have to use the address of the server as provided by your IT staff. You will also have to change the option if the SD Interface is located on a different computer than where the eCandidus™ Server is located.


System Settings

Once you have installed the SD Interface, you should let eCandidus™ Desktop know that it is available:

Enter the URL that the user would enter to reach the SD Interface.