Previously (2009)...
  • Fixed problem with History filtering to properly display notes.
  • Removed limitation where merged documents had to be saved before you could invoke the external word processor.
  • Added report to display cases where DOL is missing.
  • Added report to display cases where Signed On is missing, and possible generate it from the Case #.
  • Added Assigng MD tool to manage plaintiff/doctor relationships.
  • Fixed problem with Daily Reports when user changed the default period and the selection was 'Days Before' would not refresh properly when re-opened.
  • Fixed problem with Daily Reports when user changed status where the report would not refresh.
  • Fixed problem with hyphenated last names.
  • Added ability to quickly bill when a perosonal item (Thing to Do, Appointment, Phone Message) is marked completed.
  • When attaching external files, the system will now default to the appropriate dirctory.
  • Added case type column to DOL and SOL reports.
  • Fixed problems with the Organizer.
  • Fixed problems with attachments directory setup.
  • Last Activity report now displays the last activity description.
  • Cost/Fees reports now can display transactional details.
  • Added ability to set the invoice date to end or current and previous months, as well as today.
  • Added ability to adjust accepted billing charges.
  • Changed the behavior of Quick Find to automatically clear out the search criteria once a case (work product) item is selected.
  • eCandidus™ Webtop released.
  • eCandidus™ SD Interface released.
  • Added upload capability to the Attachments.
  • Drag-Drop to Desktop object will add an uploaded attachment.
  • Standarized handling of attachment directories in both the Desktop and Webtop.
  • Updated the Tools/eCandidus/Get Download Password to list the Webtop password.
  • Streamlined the invoice generation process, adding a Work Report option.
  • Added Google Search Engine support to the website.
  • Enhanced Desktop screen generation.
  • Added tool to Import (mass convert) History Notes to new format.
  • Updated Database Definitions for Webtop Support.
  • Updated Database Definitions for SD Interface Support.
  • Added System Settings option to save sent e-mails to the History Notes.
  • Added sort option as a merge code formatting option.
  • Corrected problem with Workers Compensation Calculator.
  • Added ability to modify counts for system defined fields using User Extensions.
  • Added ability to add and modify status field for all objects using User Extensions.
  • Added ability to include Documents and/or Bookmarks into PDF Queues in Workflows.
  • When posting invoices, the system will prevent duplicate posting for a billing period.
  • Added charge amount and date to Invoice Posting tool to allow decisions on invoice submittal based on age and amount.
  • Corrected problem with Front Desk Alert, wehre the message could hang up stations.
  • Updated Database Definitions to support new Rate Tables in Workers Compensation Evaluation.
  • Changes were made to Database Definitions for upcoming Web Portal support.
  • Corrected problem with redefining system defined fields using User Extensions.
  • Upgraded Week @ a Glance to speed up the display and not allow the multiple display of Appointments when they are being reviewed.
  • Upgraded date range selection in "daily" reports for appointments, things to do, phone messages and calendaring.
  • Extended formatting options in Costs and Fees reports in Law Extensions.
  • Added DOL report in Law Extensions.
  • Added eBook creation module in the Document Manager and PDF Queue modules.
  • Added ReportSet task in Workflows that allows for task reporting of Things to Do and Appointments.
  • Enhanced the MS Outlook Synchronization to speed up the process and minimize the possibility of conflicts.
  • Updated Database definitions to support upcoming Web Portal and Smart Device support.
  • Added User Extensions that allowing for full customization of the system.
  • Upgraded eCandidus™ Server code for enhanced performance.
  • Updated selection criteria for Analysis for simpler selection.
  • Added ability to do calculations in Document Merge using extensions
  • Updated Database definitions to support enhanced analysis selection criteria.
  • Updated Database definitions to support workflows.
  • Updated W/C Applicants Cost/Fees fields to keep track of due costs and fees.
  • Added Medical Reports field to Worker's Compensation Applicant screen.
  • Added Lien Holders field to Worker's Compensation Applicant screen.
  • Modified EAMS Document Separator to use an ReportableName as the Author.