Previously (2010)...
  • Expanded default value option to support key type fields.
  • Added shadow fields to User Defined Layouts.
  • Added ability to preview all reports.
  • Added services support in all datasets.
  • Corrected problem with Object Synchronizer to properly process custom placeholders.
  • Corrected problem with document manager bar, which would cut off the buckets if external documents were shown.
  • Added Gender, Language, Marital Status and Driver License to the Tritek conversion.
  • Modified eCandidus™ Webtop to work on the Apple iPad.
  • Added capability to work with external files in Quick Find.
  • Expanded offline messages in Quick Messages.
  • Introduced the Quick Message Bridge for handling of delated messages.
  • Added Deliver On date and time to Workflow Quick Message activity.
  • Replaced DMNSionPad support with DMNSion Exchange.
  • Added formatting codes of AsPhone, AsZIP and AsSS to field merge codes.
  • Added ability to display external directory in the Document Bar.
  • Added ability to display extended information for files in external directory.
  • Corrected problem with ruled paper.
  • Added ability to have computed columns in reports.
  • Speded up report generation.
  • Added ability to scan into external directory.
  • Fixed problem with PDF import.
  • Added disconnected station support.
  • Updated Database Definitions to add the ability to E-Mail and.or SMS offline Quick Messages.
  • Updated Database Definitions to add the ability to notify Associates of document arrival via DMNSion.
  • Added ability to size and postion groups and panels when changing the screeen layouts.
  • Added Time Clock option under Associates.
  • Added Save All menu entry under File.
  • Fixed problem with barcodes merge code, where the first option was skipped.
  • Added ability to define appointment details in Week @ a Glance.
  • Added ability to convert Form images to Black and White to save space.
  • Added popup reminders for Things to Do and Phone Messages.
  • Restored Spell Check button to spell check entire document.
  • By date reports, Week @ a Glance and History report fonts can now be customized.
  • Defined History Categories order is used instead of sorted list.
  • History reports can be generated by Category.
  • Adjusted text length calculator in forms to properly wrap text.
  • Modified forms so font cannot be changed from Times Roman 12pt if field is set to be EAMS compliant.
  • Added External Directory, Billing, and DMNSionPad fields to user defined settings for work product table.
  • Added DMNSionPad support in Settings:System.
  • Updated Reporter to allow for the drag-drop fields to define the report and enhanced selection and reporting options.
  • Added status column to Billing:Accounts outstanding amounts details.
  • Modified Spell Check to not take place while merging documents.
  • Added ability to turn on/off spell check in Settings:Associate.
  • Fixed with problem with table fields in Merge Documents.
  • Added User Macros to the Edit menu.
  • Added user defined values to Settings:System.
  • Added merge codes for user defined values.
  • Added system-wide e-mail address in Settings:System.
  • Documented changes to Settings:System.
  • Corrected Billing:Cross Tabs daily reports to allow various time displays.
  • Added address template to Settings:System when merging addresses.
  • Corrected problem where envelope printing forced the printing of the sender address.
  • Updated install packages to fully support Windows Server 2003 and 2008 and to add a trial version to the Desktop. No more passwords are needed to update!
  • Added private Document Manager buckets to the Document Bar Work Product (cases, etc).
  • Fixed error where User Defined Fields had to be reused before a new field could be created.
  • Modified History to display categories in the preview panel.
  • Modified History to display if entry has attachments in the preview panel.
  • Added predefined categories for History logging.
  • Added ability to enter one-off categories for History.
  • Added Associate level option to default to a specific History Category.
  • Modified History screen to allow Associate to control the default size and placement.
  • Corrected error with saved merged forms and field logic.
  • Added tracking and mods options to user defined fields.
  • Added auto-attachments to History generated Things to Do, Appointments and Phone Messages.
  • Added ability to drag and drop the field definition!
  • Added AutoCorrectWhen option to user settings.
  • You can now drag-drop e-mails from Microsoft Outlook to the History icon.
  • Updated all menus to display in the newer Windows format.
  • Added drag-drop capabilities to Shortcuts screen and right-mouse click capability to the Desktop.
  • Added Input Forms option to mergeable forms.
  • Modified unposting tool to only be able to unpost invoices that have not been marked as printed.
  • Added ability to bookmark and share all pages in the website, see bottom of any page!
  • Updated EAMS Document Cover Sheet with new field logic.
  • Corrected Compromise and Release packet definition to Auto-Review all separator sheets.
  • Added Order Requests service for DASH Copy.
  • Added Form Packets.
  • Modified cross reference to display form packets under its own section.
  • Added Ctrl+Enter as a shortcut to move to next missing field in Forms.
  • Updated Forms to suport boolean fields and min. and max. lengths.
  • Updated Forms to support conditional and choice fields.
  • Updated Forms to support board and state lookup.
  • Added merge code for graphic signature block.
  • Enhanced Last Activity Report to show work done by associate.
  • Added support for Microsoft Tags in the SmartDevice Interface.
  • Standarized look for all screens.
  • Simplified Settings:Associate screen.
  • Added Headers and Footers to Documents.
  • Added multi-column layout to Documents.
  • Added ability to import/export DOCX files to Documents.
  • Added ability to import/export PDF files to Documents.
  • Enhanced spell checker in Documents.
  • Upgraded Services support.
  • Speeded up the launch time for the eCandidus™ Desktop.
  • Improved memory usage for Billing:Cross Tabs reports.
  • Added ability to slice Billing:Cross Tabs into charges only, payments only and both combined.
  • Fixed problem with Quick Find to maintain focus on the Search For box.
  • Updated Quick Find so settings are saved.
  • Added support for Compressed PDF generation.
  • Added system-wide footer for all e-mails generated.
  • Updated Workers Compensation form definitions.
  • Added Workers Compensation form packet definitions.
  • Added Order Requests service for Universal Copy.
  • Updates Associates definition to hold both a text and a graphic signature block.
  • Updated Database Definitions to add Verify button to Address Book.
  • Added 64 bit support.
  • Added import from Med-Legal's Quicklaw.
  • Added base code to add ability to include signatures in Forms.
  • Fixed problem with Associate Time Sheet that would create double entry if a charge was deferred.
  • Added ability to print invoice history for a case (work product).
  • Fixed problem when assigning restricted billing code by associate with limited rights.