Previously (2011)...
  • Both 32 and 64 bit versions released for all modules!
  • Added External Document Management.
  • Added ability to keep notes for external documents.
  • Added Tools:File Explorer.
  • Rearranged Settings:System to group External related items together.
  • Associates can now display External sub-folders in the Document Bar via Settings:Associates.
  • Added translation feature using Microsoft Bing.
  • Added Tools:E-Mail, adding drag-drop e-mail capability.
  • Corrected problem where the internal case# was being entered in Input Forms.
  • The External Search Bridge now created searchable PDFs.
  • Removed support for MSTags.
  • Removed command bar icon resize upon selection.
  • Removed form shaking.
  • Removed support for Scribd.
  • Removed translation feature due to elimination of service by Google.
 Add Ons
  • Cleaned up connection issues with all the bridges, Webtop and SD.
  • Added ability to handle large View forms in the Webtop.
  • Added DMNSion Bridge.
  • Added document sharing support to the iPad via Dropbox.
  • Updated all import tools to standarize options and external document handling.
  • External Directory in Settings:System can now be an UNC. Note that if you use the Webtop and/or SD modules, you must also update them.
  • Added import for ARS TruFile.
  • Enhanced import for A1 Law.
  • Added ability to exclude placeholder pages from form packets.
  • Added Database Bridge, to synchronize multiple eCandidus™ Servers.
  • Speeded up the screen generation logic.
  • Completed ability to extend fields via programming.
  • Corrected issue with the Desktop trying to access the database before proper login.
  • Added ability to create standalone PDF input forms which can be used to update or create cases
  • Updated database definitions to support QuickEAMS.
  • Added drag/drop support for any EML compliant e-Mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird, Lotus Notes and Outlook Express)
  • Fixed problems with PDF fields upload in Forms
  • Added ability to generate error trace for GMail connections
  • Added External Find button in Settings:Associate
  • Fixed problem with Go Paperless naming box when the source is part of the document name
  • Enhanced the external find screen to breakout the path as columns
  • Added ability to drag and resize Forms fields
  • Removed external tracking
  • Made External behavior the same regardless of method used to add a file
  • Added ability to turn off creation of History entry when a file is added to External
  • Modified A1 Law import to detect key file in selected directory before allowing to process
  • Modified A1 Law import to set the category as the ExternalCategory in Settings:System when an external file is present
  • Modified Tritek import to detect key file in selected directory before allowing to process
  • Modified Tritek import to set the category as the ExternalCategory in Settings:System
  • Added Free Form Import tool
  • Fixed problem with Desktop to properly detect Internet availability
  • Added ability to export public objects
  • Modified the Go Paperless naming box to use the document name with External Documents
  • Modified Go Paperless to generate A Thing to Do when the GPTTDFollowUp is set to either Manual or Automatic
  • Modified External bucket to log a History Note entry when a file is added
  • Expanded A1 Law Import to convert billing.
  • Added ability to use Go Paperless name screen when files are dropped in External Directory.
  • Added ability to deploy eCandidus™ Server using a port other than 80.
  • Added ability to use Go Paperless scanning in External Directory.
  • Updated website Settings pages.
  • Added ability to color code History Note entries by category.
  • Added ability to synchronize Time Clock with associate login/logout.
  • Added ability to designate the calling party different from search party in Front Desk.
  • Fixed problem when adding new field.
  • Upgraded scanner support with WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) V 2.0
  • Added import for ARS CMPro II (many problems corrected).
  • Modified the auto-update to check every 30 days.
  • Added field type Organizer that allows the embedding of the organizer in a screen.
  • Added Quick Charges option.
  • Documents can be e-mailed in the original RTF format.
  • Associates column is now available in invoices.
  • Enhanced file naming capabilities in Go Paperless module.
  • Fixed default value problem, where the default value was not screen specific (Desktop and Webtop).
  • Fixed problem in Input Forms where some fields were generated in an incorrect location.
  • Fixed problem with ruled documents on certain printers.
  • Corrected zoom factor in History Notes review.
  • Changed the use of underscore in remote Input Forms to space for readability.
  • Corrected conflict problem between Settings:System External Directory and User Extension External Directory.
  • Added ability to use Input Forms remotely via Dropbox.
  • Corrected problem with margins and ruled option.
  • Added Go Paperless module (BETA).
  • Added associate name, start and end time to Time Clock.
  • Added GMail (Google Mail) support to eCandidus™ Desktop, Webtop and SD.
  • Added e-mail support for Merged Documents, Merged Forms, External and DMNSion files to eCandidus™ SD.
  • Corected oversight in the import of Opposing Attorneys from Tritek.
  • Corrected oversight in the import of CT injury dates in the Tritek import.
  • Added auto-update functionality.
  • Added Settings:System option to define External Directory.
  • Added Settings:System to define default sub-directories for External Directory.
  • Modified External Directory to allow sub-directory. You can now use the \ character.
  • Added Cases:Set:External Directory tool to create all External Directories.
  • Modified Input Forms with option to re-use address book entries.
  • Added multi-value match to Reports.
  • Added ability to view Merged Documents, Merged Forms, External and DMNSion files in the SmartDevice Interface.
  • Modified SmartDevice Interface to display multiple History Notes in one screen.
  • Added ability to view External and DMNSion field in the eCandidus™ Webtop.
  • Added Associate fields for Dropbox support.
  • Updated DOR forms.
  • Updated DOR packets.