Quick Message Bridge

The Quick Message Bridge creates a way for quick messages sent in a delayed basis, to associates that are not logged in, to be delivered to their e-mail or SMS mailboxes.

The bridge can run as a system service in the same machine as the eCandidus Server, so it is available at all times. You install it like you would any other MS Windows programs.


Giving the Bridge access

The Quick Message Bridge is an eCandidus remote service, which requires you to authorize its use within your system.

When the bridge is installed, the setting screen displays by default:

Set the server address, which by default is the server that you installed the bridge on. This will set the RemoteID, which needs to be entered in the Tools:Settings:System Allowed Remote IDs list:

Once you have done so, set the AllowToRun flag to True in the bridge settings and save the settings by clicking on the Go button.


eCandidus Server supported

The Quick Message bridge requires that the eCandidus Server be version 2010.11.1900 or later. If your server was installed prior to that date, you must re-install the server.

Also you should refresh your database definitions, to make sure that the new Associate fields are properly defined.