Quick Find

The Quick Find tool allows you to search for a given work product (case, property, etc.) by any keyword that might be found in each item:

Here we begin by searching for a name.  Pressing Enter starts the search:

The search key is shown, as are all items found.  The search key is removed.

We continue the search by another key:

Now pressing Enter, reduces the list using the second search key:

Pressing Enter without a search key resets the search:

Note that the keys are cleared.  A new search can take place.  If you enter a key that is not found in the items already found, the key is disregarded.


Viewing a case

Double clicking on any case displays theat case information. You also have access to the most common options when working on the case, so you do not have to view the case to view History.


Changing the case type

You can change a case type using the Change type button. This is the only place in eCandidus™ where you ca change the case type.


Working with files

You can use Quick Find to search for cases that may be related to a file. Simply drop the file in the Find button or click on the button.

The tool will extract information from the file and search for cases matching the keywords. If a case is found, the keyword found is displayed as the key.

Once you have dropped or opened a file with the Find button and selected a case, you can click on the Find button again to route the file to:

  • Attach - Attaches the file to the case
  • Upload - Uploads the file to the case
  • Document Manager - Adds the file to the document manager (available only with image files)
  • External - Copies the file to an external directory for the case

If no case is found, you can search for a case as shown above and route the file.

Here is a sample of dropping a PDF file with the following contents:


Telling you that it matched Alex MacDonalds and showing the two files.

Now clicking the same button, you get:

Allowing you to route the file properly.



The file processing includes detecting Code39 barcodes embedded in the file. It is best when the case number is unique and encoded as a Code39 barcode. This barcode can be generated as the merge code [*\WPID#1@f:Code39].


This tool is designed so you can open it once and live it open to search any number of times.