Quick Message

The Quick Message tool allows any associate to send a popup message to any other station.

Message:The message
All In OfficeSends the Quick Message to all Associates that are currently logged in
..Associate..Selects which associate(s) will receive the Quick Message
Out Of OfficeSelects which associate(s) will receive the Quick Message when they log in
My CircleSelects which member of your circle will receive the Quick Message
TeamsSelects which team(s) of associates will receive the Quick Message
AlsoList of e-mail addresses or QuickEAMS logins that will receive the Quick Message
+Adds the e-mail address to your circle

The receiving associate will get a popup message like this:

And he/she can respond by clicking on the Respond ( ) button.  A response screen will appear:

And the response will display at the originating associates station.



Where Quick Messages are a one-off event, when the need arises to have a multi-message event, you can use the Chat tool:

The first thing that you should do upon launching the tool is to invite other associates into the chat:

A popup will show at the associates station, which they can either accept or decline:

Once accepted, any party can send messages to all others in the chat:

Note that multiple associates can be invited into the chat and have a multi-party conversation.