Scanner Bridge

The Scanner Bridge creates a way for the handling of files scanned at a central location.



The eCandidus™ Scanner Bridge install as a service. Once you install it, the settings secreen is displayed:

Group Setting Meaning
!Information RemoteID The ID to be used in the System Settings to allow access to the bridge
  AllowToRun When set to true, the service processes scanned files
Messages MaxFiles MAximum number of files that will be included in a notification
  InactivityPeriod The associate will be notified of files being received after this period passes without any activity
Scans ScansDirectory The directory where the scanned files are located
  DirectoriesAreAssociates If true, the sub-directories in the ScansDirectories are associate nicknames, otherwise the directories are treated as case (work product) keys
  DaysToKeep The number of days that the scans will be kept in the holding directory
Settings Server The eCandidus server IP or name


Configuring eCandidus Server

You must tell the eCandidus Server to allow access to the bridge. This is done in the System Settings, section 21 Allowed Remote IDs:

Just copy the remote ID of the bridge into any of the entries, and save the settings.


The Scans directory

The scans directory is used in one of two ways:

As Associates...

In this mode, there should be one sub-filder for each associate that is to receive files. The folder name is the same as the associate nickname.

As Files...

In this mode, there should be one sub-folder for each case (work product). The folder name should uniquely identify the case (work product), for instance case number or applicant's name.


Receiving Files

Files are grouped and reported only after the InactivityPeriod elapses with no further files being scanned the MaxEntries is reached.

For each group of files, if the DirectoriesAreAssociates is False, a single History Note is created, with all of the files attached.

Similarly a Quick Message is created and sent to the proper Associate in charge.

The message has the files and case (work product) (if available) attached.

The associate can review the files and, if appropriate, add it to each case (work product) External documents by dragging the file to the External button for the case.