Serverless Edition (SE)

What is Serverless Edition - The name implies that no server is required, and that is never the case with any multi-user system. There is always one computer where the data is centralized and by definition, that is a server!

But over the years, we have been told that other systems do not require a server, and that we do, so for those situations, we decided to create the "serverless" version of eCandidus. And by "serverless", we mean that you are not required to have a SERVER VERSION OS in the computer that holds the database.

We prefer full server version of the operating system, as it has advantages in many areas that allow it to perform well when a large number of users are working, so we strongly suggest that the SE products be used only when the number of users is low.

And since the SE installers carry their own web server, you cannot install on a computer that already has a web server, like IIS.