The Shortcuts tool allows the associate to setup a shortcut menu of the most used options in the system.

To setup what is displayed, you click on the setup tab:

Note that the list that is displayed are all of the possible menu items available to the associate at the time.  Simply click on the check box to display the item in the shortcut.

Moves the item down the menu
Moves the item up the menu
Removes the item from the menu, same as removing the check mark
Adds the item into the menu, same as checking the item


Displaying the Shortcuts at startup

You can click on the Set/Clear as Autostart button to have the Shortcuts screen display automatically at startup.


Displaying the Shortcuts as a Menu

You can also display the shortcuts by right-clicking anywhere in an empty area of the desktop. The shortcuts will display as a popup menu:


Using drag and drop to create Shortcuts

You can drag any menu entry from the Main Menu in the Desktop to an empty area in the Desktop. This will add the menu entry into the Shortcuts. Note that you can edit the position of the entry just like you would any entry defined via the Shortcut screen.