Offline Messaging

The eCandidus™ Desktop Quick Message tool allows for the real-time messaging between associates.  An extension of this tool allows for the one-way messaging to associates via their E-Mail or SMS enabled phones.

Setting up an Associate

Each associate definition in the Settings:Associate form has a Messaging tab:

EMail AddrText The e-mail address for the associate
SMSText The SMS e-Mail gateway ID for the associate (see Offline ID Options)
EMail QMText Use the e-mal address for offline quick messages
SMS QMText Use the SMS address for offline quick messages


Associate Settings

While using the Associate screen to define the offline message options is a efficient way to establish company-wide rules, each associate can also control these setting using the Tools:Settings:Associate screen:

Each asociate can set and modify their own settings.



We have noticed that more and more services are using E-Mail services in place of their SMS gateways, as there ar better controls in place to prevent unwanted messaging, which can be costly in the SMS world.

You have the choice, but we encourge you to transition to n e-mail address when available.