Synchronizing with Phones and PDAs

The eCandidus™ Desktop can synchronize Things to Do, Appointments and Phone Messages with your phone or PDA. This is accomplished using Microsoft Outlook.

Setting up the Outlook Link

The first step is to setup the associate profile to define the synchronization paramenters. This is done by changing the Associates entry:

Outlook StationThe name of the station that holds the Outlook database
IntervalNumber of minutes between synch cycles
TTDIf true, Things to Do will be synchronized
ApptIf true, Appointments will be synchronized
PhonesIf true, Phone Messages will be synchronized
Past # DaysNumber of days in the past that will be synchronized
Future # DaysNumber of days in the future that will be synchronized
Delete PastDelete items older that the number of days in the past. Use only if your phone or PDA has limited memory space

Automatic Synchronization

When you set the Interval field to a value, eCandidus™ Desktop will automatically synchronize items every time the number of minutes elapses. This mode allows for the continuous update of oth systems without any associate intervention.

Manual Synchronization

If the Interval field is left blank, each associate can control when the synchronization takes place. This mode allows for full control, where the associate may opt for updating his/her phone right before he/she leaves the office, carrying the most up-t-date changes.

When this mode is enabled, the associate starts the synchronization process by selecting Tools/Synchronize/MS Outlook from the menu:

The Sychronize:MS Outllok screen is displayed:

You can change any of the default options, however only the Things to Do, Appointments, and Phone Messages flags will be saved for future use.

What happens during Synchronization?

In either mode, the eCandidus™ Desktop follows the same rules to move items between Outlook and eCandidus.

  • Pass #1 - All items in Outlook between the start and end synchronization dates are processed as follows:
    • If the item is not found in eCandidus, it is created in eCandidus
    • If the item is found in eCandidus and has changed, it is updated in eCandidus

  • Pass #2 - All items in eCandidus between the start and end synchronization dates and Active are processed as follows:
    • If the items has been updated or created in pass #1, it is skipped
    • If the item has changed, it is updated in Outlook

During the synchronization process the icon for the eCandidus™ Desktop changes from the eCandidus logo to the Microsoft XP logo.

MS Outlook and Security

Microsoft Outlook prevents unauthorized access to its data by prompting you for confirmation that access should be allowed whenever a tries to synchronize:

This can be prevented by using a free program Advanced Security for Outlook, which will display the following:

Make sure that you select the Allow Access action, and also click on the Always perform this action for this file.  From then on, synchronization will take place without interruption.