Document Management

The Document Management settings control how the Document Manager works

Key Use
DMModeIs the External Document system to be used.
ExternalDirectory The shared directory where documents are stored.
DefaultSubDirectory The template to use to create the case (work product) directory.
DefaultExternalSubfolders A list of folders that will be created for each case (work product). The first character is the delimiter.
AddSubfoldersDocuments added via ? sub-folder will create sub-folder automatically.
StoreImagesAs Convert any image to this format.
 Color Images are stored in full color.  This takes up the most space, but allows full color images to be stored.  This is the default.
 Grayscale Images are converted to grayscale.  This allows for pictures to be stored while minimizing the space used.
 BW Images are converted to black and white.  This takes up the least space, and works fine if you are storing text documents.
QuickSearchDirectory The shared directory where Quick Search files are kept.
TemplateDirectory The directory where templates are stored.  If left blank the local template directory C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Templates is used.
MergeRTF Allow the merging of external RTF files.  See Word/Excel/WordPerfect for more detail.