Billing Extensions

The Billing Extensions section describes other options to be used for time billing:

Key Use
AutoApproveCharges Charges do not have to be reviewed before posting to invoice.
AttachPaymentToInvoice If true, payments are applied to a specific invoice, otherwise they are applied to the overall work product (case).
PostOnCheckDate If true, the check will be posted in the invoice that covers the date of the check, otherwise the first available invoice.
BillOnCompletion Create a billing entry when a Thing to Do, Appointment or Phone Message is marked completed.
TimesheetIntoHistory Entries into associate timesheet will create an entry in work product history.
DefaultHistoryType The default type of billing for a new History entry
 NoteOnlyNo billing entry should be generated
 YesA billable entry should be created
 NoA non-billable entry should be generated
QuickBillOnly Only allow for Quick Billing as input.
RateTables The rate tables loaded
ExtendedRateMode Extended rate tables to use.
AssureExtendedRate Automatically add rate from extended rate tables.
ThirdPartyLabel Label to be used for third parties.
ThirdPartyField Fields used for third party.
NotificationsTo The associate that will receive any notification.
AutoPost Post approved charges automatically.
PostOnHour Hour at which the posting will occur in 24 hour format (22 = 10PM).
AutoPrint Print posted invoices automatically.
InvoicesPrinter Printer to use.