Invoice Format

The Invoice Format section defines the invoice layout to be used for time billing:

InvoiceConfigDisplays a list of pre-defined invoice formats.
InvoicesSortByField to use to sort invoices as they are printed.
LabelTaxIDLabel to use for the tax ID.
LabelUnitTotalLabel to use for entries with unit.
LabelNonUnitTotalLabel to use for entries withou units.
ShowSubtotalShould the charges subtotal be displayed?
LabelSubtotalLabel to use for subtotals.
ShowPaymentsShould payments be shown?
LabelPaymentsLabel to use for payments.
LabelPaymentsTotalLabel to use for payment totals.
ShowCreditsShould credits be shown?
LabelCreditsLabel to use for credits.
LabelCreditsTotalLabel to use for credit totals.
ShowBalanceForwardShould the balance forward be shown?
LabelBalanceForwardLabel to use for balance forwards and credits.
LabelTotalLabel to use for invoice total.
DateColLabelLabel for the date column.
DateColWidthWidth of the date column.
DescriptionColLabelLabel for the description column.
AssocColByDisplay the associate who did the work rather than the associate who billed.
AssocColLabelLabel for the Associate column.
AssocColWidthWidth for the Associate column.
RateColHideRateHide the rate column?
RateColLabelLabel for the rate column.
RateColWidthWidth of the rate column.
AmountColLabelLabel for the amount column.
AmountColWidthWidth for the amount column.
FirmNameFontFont to use for the firm name.
FirmAddressFontFont to use for the firm's address.
RETopFontFont for the first line in the regarding block.
REOtherFontFont for the rest of the regarding block.
ColumnsFontFont for column labels.
DetailLineFontFont for the detail lines.
SubtotalFontFont for the subtotal lines.
TotalFontFont for the total line.
InvoiceBoxOffsetTotalIf non-zero, a box will be drawn around the invoice total with a margin width of theis value.
REInvoiceDateLabelLabel for the invoice date.
REInvoiceNoLabelLabel for the invoice number.
RESeparatorSeparator between the label and value in the regarding block.
REInvoiceDateAsLetterControls the positioning of the invoice date.
RE#Regarding line definition.