Ticklers and Dates

Things To Do, in the eCandidus™ Desktop, are the commonplace ticklers used in your office.  They are the way associates tell each other and themselves what needs to be done to move ahead the office.

Each thing to do carries a date, which can be used in the following modes:

Date Due

You can have the date signify the date that the task is due.  When used in this mode, you can use the System:Settings Date Offsets settings to guide the office on the due date required for various types of tasks.

Also each associate should adjust the Organizer TTDDaysBefore setting to create a look-ahead window so they can see what is coming down the pipeline.  In this case the TTDUrgentDays can be set to zero.


First Seen Date

In this mode, which is used in those offices that have jobs with a soft completion date, but a requirement of even workload distributions, the date is the date that the associate will first see the task.

In this mode, the critical numbers are the TTDUrgentDays, and the difference between the TTDUrgentDays and the TTDDaysBefore.  The TTDUrgentDays indicate the amount of time that the associate has to accomplish the task.  The difference is the number of days that the associate has as a float to accomplish the task.