Time Report

The Time:Report screen allow Associates to create reports from time and billing entries:

This report shows the amount of billable hours that was reported for the Associate.

Start The starting date of the report
To The ending date of the report
The type of report
 DailyEach column is a day
 WeeklyEach column is a week
 MonthlyEach column is a month
 YearlyEach column is a year
 SummaryEach column is a billing code
For The Associate for whom the report represents, <All> displays the data for all associates
By Display only the work done by the associate
Actual The contents of the column shows who actually did the work
Style The style of the summary
 By CodeEach column is a billing code
 By AssociateEach column is an associate
 By BothEach column is a billing code, and the column is broken by associate

Selecting the Show who did the work for displays for did the work for the Associate:

And the Show only work done by displays only the work done by the associate:

In the summary mode, each type of work is displayed for the time period:

Using the By option shows the actual work done by the associate:

And there we see what type of work was done by whom:

You can get more information on how to work with the graph in Working with Graphs.