What's a "Webtop"?  A webtop is composed from the words "web" and "desktop". Its is the use of code that runs on a web browser to provide the user a work experience like that of using a personal computer desktop application.
Does the eCandidus™ Webtop replace the eCandidus™ Desktop?  No. We have worked very hard to give you as much capability as possible in the Webtop, however computer browsers do not have even close to the capabilities of a normal computer desktop application. An example of this is the feature rich document section of the Desktop.
Will it ever?  Browsers have improved greatly over time, so as soon as we can we will.
Which browser can I use?  You can use any of the browsers available today. Note that some have more features that lend themselves to host webtop applications. We use Firefox in-house and highly recommend it! We have recently been introduced to Goole's Chrome and are amazed by its speed as it has design features geared for applications like our Webtop. Both Firefox and Chrome are free, and we recommend that you try them out. You can see examples in the most populars browsers here
Don't I already have remote access with the eCandidus™ Desktop?  Yes. We have provided remote access over the Internet from the beginning and will continue to do so. The difference between the Webtop and Remote Access is as follows:
  • Advantages of Remote Access - You get all of the functionality of the eCandidus™ Desktop.
  • Advantages of the Webtop - No need to install any software at the station means that you can use any computer at your disposal. The Webtop can work using lower speed connections.
  • Advantages of the SD Interface - You can view your data with the device already in your pocket!
Should I get a netbook?  Netbooks are lower priced versions of laptops. We recommend that you TRY BEFORE BUY. Install the Webtop in your system (it's free!), so when you go shopping for a netbook or laptop to use, you can try it with your actual data!.
What do I need to get going with the Webtop?  Make sure that the server which will host the Webtop is running Windows Server 2000 or later. Also it needs to be accessible from outside your office.
Can the Webtop server be the same server as eCandidus™ server?  Yes.
Can the Webtop server be located elsewhere?  Yes, however it must have access to the eCandidus™ Server to access your data.
Do I need a "static IP address"?  No. There are services that provide dynamic DNS. We recommend DynDNS and especially like their office-on-the.net offering.
How about security?  The best security available to protect your data is to use SSL when communicating with the Webtop server. Ask your IT person to setup your Webtop server with an SSL certificate. Remember that you will need a normal eCandidus login name and password as well.
Is the eCandidus™ Webtop the first application of its kind?  Webtops are leading edge applications and we expect to see more of them as time goes by. Most of them, however, are geared towards building applications to enhance web products, not the extension of a desktop application into the web. In that mode, we believe we are first.
What is the technology behind the Webtop?  The eCandidus™ Webtop is composed of two parts, a JSON-RPC server which acts as a bridge to the eCandidus™ Server and a browser-based client. The server is writen in C# and is proprietary. The client is written in JavaScript and is open source. This means that all of the source code is available to you for further enhancement if you so desire.