Using a Workflow

Launching a Workflow

You can launch a workflow by viewing the case (or work product) that will be used as the data source and then clicking on the Workflow icon:

The workflows for the case will be displayed, along with any workflows that can be launched in the drop down menu at the bottom of the screen:

Simply select the workflow to be launched and then click on the Launch icon. The workflow will be shown:

Launching when a field changes

You can also launch a workflow when the value of a field changes. Simply click on the Info button next to the field and select the workflow to be run:

In this example, we are telling the system to run the Generate W/C Workflow workflow when the Signed On date is set or changed in any case.

Checking the status of a Workflow

Yopu can check on the status of all workflows for any case (or work product) by vieweing the case and clicking on the Workflow icon as you did when the workflow was launched:

You can also see workflows that have been assigned to you, by using the Associates/Workflows tool. This provides the same view, except that you cannot launch any workflows.

Cancelling a Workflow

You can cancel a workflow that has not completed by from either workflow view as described above:

Simply click on any workflow and then click on the Cancel icon.

When a workflow is cancelled two important actions are taken:

  • Dependant Workflows - Any dependant workflow that is flagged for cancellation upon the next activation period.
  • TTD, Phone Messages, Office Memos and Appointments - Any one of these items that was created by the workflow and is in the Active status is deleted from the system.

Also if the workflow never started execution, it will be removed from the view.