The eCandidus™ Desktop provides you with a powerful way of automating repetitive tasks using Workflows.

What is a Workflow

A workflow is a set of activities that are carried out in a predefined sequence. It can be as simple as creating a Thing to Do, or as complex as steps that create and send merged documents with scanned images attached, wait for a response and according to the outcome start other workflows or carry out multiple steps over a period of time.

Activating Workflows

You can activate the Workflows system by using the Settings:System tool and setting the WorkflowEnabled setting to UserDefined

Once you have done so, eCandidus™ Desktop will change in three places:

  • Menus - A new menu entry Workflows is added to the main menu. This is where you can manage workflows
  • Associates/Workflows - A tool is added that allows each associate to list the active workflows assigned to him/her
  • Work Product Screen - The Milestone icon is replaced with the Workflow icon