Working Offline

One of the unique options available in the eCandidus™ Desktop is the ability to take your data with you! 

Even though you can access eCandidus™ Server from anywhere that Internet access is available, see Remote Access, sometimes that access is not available, at that time you can still use the eCandidus™ Desktop with your data by moving specific entries into an eCandidus™ Database.

Creating an eCandidus™ Database

To create an eCandidus™ Database, view the item that you want included in the database, then click on the Tools button in the command bar.  The following menu appears:

Simply select the "Create new eCandidus™Database" entry.  You will be asked for a file name and the database will be created with the entry.  You can include any number of entries in the database by viewing each entry and then selecting the "Append to existing eCandidus™ Database" entry.  Including entries like Documents and Forms allow you to merge into those offline.

Note that when an entry is included, all the entries that use that entry are also included, so selecting a case also selects all of the Things To Do, Appointments and Office Memos where the case is referenced.

You can also create an eCandidus™ Database that includes Mail that has been assigned and ready to be linked to Work Product entries by using the Mail:To eCandidus™ Database tool.


Using an eCandidus™ Database

Once an eCandidus™Database is created, you can use it by double clicking on the icon for the file:

The eCandidus™ Desktop will be launched, and you will be asked to login, using the same user name and password as when the file was created.


Synchronizing changes in an eCandidus™ Database

An eCandidus™ Database is a fully functional copy of the data stored in the eCandidus™ Server. If you make changes to the eCandidus™ Database, you will need to synchronize those changes back into the Server.  You can selectively bring back any changes by selecting the entry to be updated in the eCandidus™ Server database, and then selecting "Synchronize eCandidus™ Database" entry in the Tools menu.

You can also synchronize all of the changes made to the Work Product entries in the eCandidus™ Database by using the Synchronize:From eCandidus™ Database tool.


Working with the Document Manager

In some cases, all that is required to work offline are copies of documents stored in the Document Manager.  It has features to create files that can be used offline.