Working with Graphs

The eCandidus™ Desktop makes use of graphs to display information in multiple places.   Here is an example:

In all the graphs there are a set of options available to help you in understanding the values that make up the graph.

The first is the display of section information by placing the mouse over a section.  Here we can tell that MEM spent 44.9 hours doing reviews.

There are times when labels are not fully displayed.  This is due to minimize overwriting one label on top of another.  You can see an area in more detail by dragging the mouse over an area:

which will zoom into the area:

You can repeat the zoom level any number of times.  To undo the zoom, click on the button with the circle and dot on the left side of the scroll bar.

You can also get a grid with the information that makes up the chart by double-clicking on the legend:

which will display the information:

This grid can be exported to a variety of format including Excel for further processing.

In most cases, you can also see the detail that makes up the section, for instance:

Here we see that DKA had 3.3 billable hours on 8/4, now double-clicking on the section gives us:

which is the source of the hours.